Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google I/O 2009

An interesting, if long, video:

Main theme is HTML 5. The consequences of it for Silverlight merit quite a bit of thought. Silverlight comes with far better tools, of course - the dev experience will be very hard to compete against. But HTML 5 will have the advantage of ubiquity.

The other very interesting demo - for me, at least - was Java support in Google App Engine. It's an Eclipse plug-in with a built-in deployment support, GWT ( and server-side support all built-in. Not nearly as slick as ASP.NET, but definitely a step in that direction.

A minor thing that I found quite funny, actually, was that the main presenter on the conference was Vic Gundotra - a former marketing/evangelist guy from MSFT who is now a VP of Engineering at Google. The silliness of Google management strikes again - say what you want about Microsoft, but at least our engineering managers are real engineers :-).


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep complaing about google. Were u fired?

DzembuGaijin said...

You missed the point about coolness of Google, dude! They rocks! :) Also, "our engineers" :-) Once MSFT-always MSFT :-)