Monday, May 25, 2009

Priceless! (from Reddit today)

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And the first comment:
"Dear Jamail, I hope all is well in Guantanamo, though we all know better. We're very proud that you've not lied while being tortured. It could be a disaster if you give them a reason to attack more innocent people in order to make the suffering stop.

Dad was arrested because our neighbor covets our farmland, even though it hasn't seen water in 6 months. Your little brother decided to join the Baghdad police, but became a militant when he discovered that he could make more money from bribes from the soldiers. He lost his leg when an IED went off. Your sister was raped by mercenaries and then killed to cover it up. I tried to appeal to the government, but apparently they're not subject to our laws. There's still so much death. It's hard to stay hopeful.

There's an American soldier next to me reading a note complaining about seatbelts. I wonder if they even know why they're here."

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