Sunday, May 31, 2009

Israel threatens the US

"We want to reach an agreement with the United States on ways to advance the peace process," said a senior Jerusalem official. The U.S. stance, he said, "will stall the process and bring about tension and stagnation, which will hurt both Israel and the United States."

(Emphasis mine.)


Unknown said...

yeah, it took ~2000 yrs worth of fighting to come up with that lucid statement! This is going nowhere... very unfortunate for all people involved.

Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind that the US expects Israel to stop settlements while doing nothing about the existential threats from a nuclear Iran and Hamas, both of which refuse to acknowledge Israel's right to exist.

Sergey Solyanik said...

The right thing for US to do is to leave Israel to its own devices.

Stop covering it up in UN, stop all aid (including the one that goes to Jordan and Egypt to get them to look the other way), and let it deal with its "existential threats" on its own, while expecting nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

Of course, then you'd have a bunch of nuked Arabs, since there would be no more US aid to make Israel ignore a nuclear neighbor that threatens to wipe it out. Hardly a better outcome.

Sergey Solyanik said...

You know what - as long as I am not paying for this - it's between Israel, its neighbors, and the world opinion.

Although, of course, I would support subsequent US retaliation for the attack on its, and the world's, vital interests (the oil wells).

Like, you know, the first Gulf War.

Anonymous said...

A US retaliation is unlikely. Unlike the first Gulf War where an enemy of the US attacked its neighbor, an Israeli strike on its neighbor would result in an ally of the US gaining control of vital interests previously controlled by an enemy.

This would be economically beneficial to the US and would probably be secretly applauded.

Sergey Solyanik said...

The continuing Gaza-style war around the oil wells does not do good to the supplies - see Iraq.

Incidentally, I am yet to see an Israeli action that was beneficial to the US.

This "alliance" is entirely one-sided - the only reason for it is idiotic religious extremism on the part of US evangelicals and lobbying by AIPAC types.

Other than that, it is against US national interests to help Israel in any way. Eventually, the country will wise up to this.