Thursday, January 15, 2009

Your taxes at work, Part III

The messages on Arab TV teaching children the "art of martyrdom" (AKA becoming the suicide bombers) has been dutifully covered by US media, and have become the part of the lore on why US should support Israel.

Here's the other side of the medal.

Let's hope it is covered with an equal zeal.


Nick said...

Dear friend, you're going to the far history.
It is from 2006 lebanon war and it was covered with lots' of zeal...

I suggest for future post some more real, like , kidnapping kids and taking their blood.

It is also "your taxes at work".

Илья Казначеев said...

I don't understand that Israel bashing festival.

Think: who would you prefer to have as neighbours: jews or arabs? And I guess that's the main thing to consider.

Anonymous said...

"We can forgive the arabs for killing our children. we cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the arabs when they love thier children more then they hate us." - Golda Meir

Sergey Solyanik said...

To Ilya --

When I choose my neighbours, their ethnicity/race is the very, very, very last thing on the list of all possible considerations.

To Anonymous --

Do they hate us for who we are? Or for what we do?

Anonymous said...

To create a mental model of an islamist (I do not say arab - there are also christian arabs [e.g. the one that killed Robert Kennedy]) think just about a ZOMBIE. These zombies are infected by islam meme. That's all. In america (like here in Germany) very few take their religion serously. In islam countries almost everybody. So imagine the whole America being Amish. And Islam is very different from christianity. Christianity is mostly about love. Islam is about struggle (also but not only peaciful). They feel themselves like masters (because they KNOW to believe in the right god) but are poor like slaves. And struggle needs a clear target...

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this zombie, he is very good at delivering the core concepts of his belief:

Anonymous said...

The coin of shocking pictures has two sides (sadly enough).Try to be patient & watch the "movie" to the end.It's important.In any case,it shows that it's much better to solve the problem through diallogue,tolerance & understanding,(no matter how long it takes), rather than making the gap much wider & deeper by educating to hatred.

Илья Казначеев said...

Ethnicity/race isn't the question there - culture is. I'm not talking american jews vs american arabs, they are all americans for sure.

Would you prefer to have the culturally intact Jew or Arab as neighbour? Don't say it doesn't matter because it's the half of what matters.
The other half being their character, personal development, which you don't know beforehand.

Anonymous said...

dear sergey,i think you are blind like the most part of your surrounding and i also think that your naivity may very well prove to be criminal .Watch this film and conclude why (not for children!!!).

I will send you more reading material soon.

Sergey Solyanik said...

To Anonymous --

Thank you for the good news (that in America most people do not take their religion seriously). After 8 years of George Bush, after observing all our f*cked up foreign policy, knowing that there are more people in US who belive in virgin birth than in evolution, and that 40% of us are sure that the Earth is 10000 years old - I have forgotten this! Yay for US the atheist country! Wait, why are we supporting Israel, then?

Also, given the fact that here in US Christians are investing so much time in making my kids pray at school, regulating what I can and cannot do in my bedroom, and preventing gay people from marrying, I have started to forget that Christianity is about love. I think it is actually mostly about reproductive control. My reproductive control, enforced on me using my money.

To Ilya --

I have no idea what a "cultural Arab" is, or what a "cultural Jew" is. I might have seen "cultural Arabs" in Pakistan, "cultural Jews" in New York City and in Israel, and I've been living with "cultural Christians" here in US. I must say, I see very little difference. The first kind will riot if you draw offensive cartoons. The second will throw dirty diapers at you if you drive on Saturdays. The third keep trying to limit the type of sex I can have. Since I am living much closer to the third group of population, and it has far more influence on my life, the difference between Jews and Arabs seems distant and unimportant, and in many ways preferable :-)...

BadTux said...

As Nick said, ancient history, those pics are from the Lebanon war.

As for the moron asking whether I'd like Jews or Arabs as my neighbors, given how good a neighbor Israel has been to its neighbors such as Egypt which have had peace treaties with Israel for 30 years now, where Israel is now threatening to overthrow the Egyptian government via proxy (every bomb that falls on Gaza weakens the Egyptian government as it strengthens the Muslim Brotherhood that wants to overthrow the Egyptian government) and where they have invaded their neighbors multiple times over the past 50 years (at least six times that I can recall off the top of my head) while their neighbors only invaded once (1973) in an attempt to re-take their territory taken from them during the Israeli invasions of their neighbors, I gotta say that the Israelis are not exactly great neighbors either. I mean, c'mon. They've invaded their neighbors at least *SIX* times. That's hardly neighborly.

That said, I have Arab neighbors and Jewish neighbors here, and other than the funny clothes they wear, it's hard to tell any difference between them and any other neighbor such as the Vietnamese neighbor, the Korean neighbor, and the Indian neighbor. (Well, except I can't stand the smell of Indian curry powder and the apartment complex starts reeking of it in the evening, but that's another story). These folks aren't culturally American. They don't dress American, they don't eat American, they speak their own language when they're talking amongst themselves, they run their own restaurants and grocery stores where if you go in you better speak their language or you aren't ordering (unless you point to pictures on the wall of food), etc. I live in a multicultural city, and thus far it seems to work. But wait, I forget, Arabs can't be good neighbors, and Jews can't be good neighbors, and Koreans can't be good neighbors, and ... alrighty, then! I'll ignore the evidence of my lying eyes, and believe the babblers!

NS said...

I don't know whether this was the intent, but your post does look rather biased.

That was, indeed, widely covered, IMO much more widely than it deserved. AFAIR, some idiot reporter staged a few photos - came to a town that was a regular target for Hezbollah rockets, passed out crayons, etc.

That was roundly condemned, there were consequences for the idiot, etc.

Incidentally - every kid in that picture knows where his or her bomb shelter is. *That* doesn't get covered nearly as widely as it deserves to be. The missile fire, I might add, was coming in from across an internationally recognized border with Lebanon, a UN member state.

The only effective way to stop that fire proved to be a war. That border has been quiet since 2006.