Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"What happened to 30%? Lies!" shouted customer Gabriel Ifrah, 52, at the Circuit City on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles on Monday, where most items were priced at 10% off.


"I've been waiting in line for half an hour each day based on employees' promises that prices could come down, but they haven't," said McGinness, a TV commercial producer from Los Angeles. "It's very disappointing.",0,497931.story

Is it me, or does this really sound insanely stupid?

By the way, if you need any proof that recession has not REALLY started yet, this is it. I mean, people waiting in line for cheap electronics?

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DzembuGaijin said...

Well, MS probably officially started it today:

if not uptrend in GOOG and AAPL I think MSFT would crash SP500 to the bottom :)

I want my $ back ! :)