Monday, January 5, 2009

A slideshow

Today we were having a review of M0 results with our product unit manager - feature teams talking about the design work they did over the last couple of months that resulted in current implementation plans.

Cool stuff.

For a change we get the devs and testers, as opposed to PMs, to talk - to make sure they have high-level view of how parts of the overall project fits together.

Big room, about 30-40 people showed up. Overhead projector, all the standard meeting/team review attributes.

I am giving the introduction: where we are at the macro level, what went well, what didn't go so well, the schedule, the resource allocations.

Connect my laptop, fire the Powerpoint, and start talking. All in all, about 15 minutes, maybe a bit less. Not so many slides. But slides nevertheless.

The next presenter is a dev on one of our features. He is to use my laptop, so I am handing the microphone over and heading to my seat when he tells me that he needs the projection.

Turns out I was showing slides with the projector off. For 15 minutes. Lost, I look around. "Did you not see my slides?" -- "You had slides???" Homeric laughter and general hilarity ensues...

True story.


Anonymous said...

Ow. I'd be very worried that my team is too afraid too talk to me. Always a bad sign if respect is accorded to position more than content. And here I was slowly falling in like with you and considering attempting to change groups ;)

Anonymous said...

Epic Fail :)

Maybe no one missed the slides? Which may be a good thing.

DzembuGaijin said...

I could not imagine such funny shit happens in real life

windrago said...

Either you master communications skills above the average or your team doesn't give a dime about what you think :)

Awesome story though ;)