Saturday, January 10, 2009

Malevich - a new code review system

We were using it in our team for the last week, with pretty good success. Over 30 code reviews went through it. A couple of bugs were exposed, and quickly fixed. Most importantly, the central premise held - making comments is easy, and people make a lot of them - many more than before!

So today I finally added the last thing I wanted before taking the project public - support for TFS. It seems to be working now, although I have not done a lot of testing with it.

The code is now on CodePlex!

You can read the history of the project here:

Or, you can jump in and install it from here:

Happy reviewing!


DzembuGaijin said...

WooHoo! Great! But deployment may be a bit of pain i the a$$ especially for a team environment. Hope that this will eventually be solved :)

Sergey Solyanik said...

Yes it will be - but primarily on the server side. I have no idea how to programmatically deal with IIS, or how to do proper SQL deployments. :-(.

DzembuGaijin said...

Yeah... the devil is in details :-) I had to install on of ASP based products in the past for evaluation and it took me a day with RTFM. It was well before ASP.NET and I used to know ASP back than, but it was a pain. I hoped that as technology progressed M$ found some easy way to deploy. But essentially, for such product as Malevich, the person who installs have to have a good understanding of all infrastructure, so it may not be such a big deal after all: it is not a consumer application :-)

Bob Hardister said...

Looks promising, but we are just starting to use TFS and are starting with 2010. Any idea on when this will support TFS 2010?