Monday, July 28, 2008

Looking for great devs

As Web 2.0 matures, a new paradigm is being born – massively distributed development, where a typical application runs on hundreds, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands computers at the same time. A new software stack that resembles familiar operating system concepts is being built to support this model.

Would you like to participate in the creation of the “Web 2.0 OS”?

Our team builds components the massively distributed applications will live and die by – deployment and monitoring. We have it all – complex algorithmic tasks, opportunity to write a lot of code, potential to influence the entire industry, and, last but not least, millions of cores to run our stuff!


We’re looking for people with the experience shipping software in native languages and fluent in both computer architecture and algorithms. If your C/C++ is top notch and you can implement Dijkstra's algorithm in your sleep, send me your resume -!


Vladimir said...

Hello Sergey,

I've sent you my resume for the previous position. Can I apply for this one as it is connected to my skills (Sr. C++ Software Developer).


Sergey Solyanik said...

Hi, Vladimir,
Thank you for your interest. I've asked my recruiter to follow up...

Anonymous said...

Sergey vasha personalnaya stranitsa is broken in FF.. BTW, how come you went back to MS? :-)