Friday, July 25, 2008

Call of the Wild - July 12 - Finger Mountain - Fairbanks

Note: the story begins here:

We spend much of the day cleaning the RV, filling it up with the water, fueling it up, and driving.

Hot Spot CafĂ© is out of ice-cream except strawberry, so instead of my favorite milk-shake I got the strawberry smoothie. I am still not sure who made the mistake – whether it was me saying that I want smoothie instead of the milkshake, or them making the smoothie instead of the milk shake.

The weather is fine and we pass more beautiful scenery.

Around 9 PM our trip on the Dalton comes to completion.

An hour and a half later we’re in Fairbanks where we spend the night at an RV camp.

The next day is hectic - we must return the RV by 11:15, wash it and pick up the rental car from the airport before that. The transaction closes nicely – all charges as expected, the guys at GoNorth do not add anything unfair. We even get a break on gas – the charge for the empty tank is actually lower than it would cost to refill it, although they will probably close this loophole soon. In retrospect, we should not have cleaned the RV – the charge for cleaning it would have been $235, but it would have saved us 3-4 hours of our vacation.

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