Monday, July 28, 2008

Voter's Pamphlet

Democracy can be messy. We've just got our election guide for August 19th primary in the Washington State. Here's a selection of candidates for our (7th) congressional district...

Goodspaceguy Nelson ( runs on the space colonization platform.

Mark A Goldman ( offers "a strategy based on truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage, and love" - as the most specific part of his platform, that is.

Donovan Rivers ( "will also work with elected officials" (italicised) if he gets elected. As opposed to working only with unelected officials as is commonly the case...

Al Schaefer ( runs on separation from the rest of the United States (we need more candidates like this in the South!). He says "There is no IRS law saying wages are income".

Finally, Steve Beren, the Republican candidate. He runs as a "five star conservative – fiscal conservative, social conservative, national security conservative, immigration conservative, and optimism conservative."

Which raises two questions:
(1) what exactly is the "optimism conservatiove", and
(2) how stupid one can be to run as a "five star conservative" in possibly the most liberal place in the United States - the place where Jim McDermott ( - possibly the most liberal congressmen in the United States - has been elected for 10 terms and enjoys something like 95% approval rate.

What's more, Steve Beren is - according to the pamphlet - employed by as a Director of Operations. If I were a shareholder of that company, I would sell sell sell sell now - what kind of workforce do these guys have if their director is this stupid? After all, even City College of New York has wised up and kicked this guy out after 2 years...

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