Friday, July 25, 2008

Call of the Wild - July 11 - Grayling Lake - Finger Mountain.

Note: the story begins here:

In the morning I drop a few breadcrumbs into the water, and they are still there an hour later, which does not portend good fishing. Two hours later there are ducks in the area, and they pick at the breadcrumbs. We drive off.

On the side of the road there’s a ptarmigan. It looks, sounds, and behaves like a chicken.

It does not want to fly, but we chase it and eventually it does – just barely.

Our next stop is the Jim River. According to a local we met on the way there, this is THE place to fish. We can see some grayling right off the bridge. Unfortunately, it completely ignores our bait. Soon two more RVs roll in – that happen to have two families from Seattle area.

One good thing about Jim River is that it has very stable, very hikable banks. We walk a mile or so upstream, alternating between the forest around the river and the stony banks.

When we’re back the two couples that arrived after us are fishing. Not only that, they hooked a big salmon and are leading it to the dry land.

Eventually it tires out, and one of the fishermen comes to the water to release it – it’s catch and release only for salmon in the Dalton corridor, but at the last moment the salmon breaks free on its own. We pass the Arctic Circle again, and settle for the night at Finger Mountain.

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