Sunday, January 13, 2008

Game machine spec

Earlier this year I've put together a very nice game PC. I don't play anything other than Halo 2 on it, but in that game it is rendering a full 1080p stream (1920x1200, actually) quite nicely. There isn't a trace of glitching, tearing, or delays of any kind, even on Vista. I am fairly sure that the video card can go even further, and the power supply would support an SLI configuration, if it doesn't and you will be adding another card.

XP just flies on this box - boots in something line 10-15 seconds.

A friend has asked me for an advice for a game PC config, so I decided to put it here for future reference, too.

So here goes, with the recent prices, and links to Newegg where you can read the references:

Total - just below $1300.

You will need at least a mini-tower case for it, and a hard drive, obviously, which would add another $100 to the price.

(Note - if you do not expect to add another video card for SLI, you can save $100 and go with 750W power supply).

---- An update: it turns out that the Gigabyte motherboard does not support SLI - you have to have Nvidia chipset for that. So go ahead and do save the $100 on the power supply, or use a different motherboard.


Илья Казначеев said...

The best game you an play on it is Dungeon Crawl :)

Sergey Solyanik said...

Not really. I play games when I exercise on a treadmill.

Which prevents both typing, and most other cerebral activities, save for a neural path from retina to left and right thumbs :-).

(Read - I can point and shoot moving figures, but not much else).