Saturday, January 5, 2008

Broadband woes

In the last couple of years broadband was nothing but trouble for me. It started with moving from Qwest 1.5Mbps to Speakeasy 6Mbps service in 2005. It cost a fortune (almost $150/month), but for the price it was the only way to get high connection speed AND static IP addresses.

I need static IP because I host my domain, and Exchange server, and web server at home.

It was exorbitantly expensive (you could get cable at 1/3 of the price then, but alas! no static ip). And it worked well - for a while. In the beginning of 2007 I started experiencing massive packet loss during the business hours. The truth is, it is possible that the problem started earlier, and I just noticed it then. Replacing the modem did not help, nor did an onsite visit from a Covad engineer, who found no problems with my home network whatsoever.

I am fairly sure that the problem was actually with the equipment at the office - when they reprovisioned the line, it helped, although temporarily, and when they put the modem in safe mode, it worked well, but only at 4Mbps.

After I lost any hope to resolve this problem with Speakeasy, I moved to Qwest. Qwest promised blazingly fast connection (7Mbps) at half the price of Speakeasy. At for a while, it was true - I never got full 7 megabit of course, but 6 was definitely there - both on DSL speed measuring apps like Speakeasy speed test, as well as on downloads.

However, connectivity deteriorated over the last few months - now I am barely getting 2.5Mbps down. Often the speed falls to 1.5, and it has never ever been above 3.5 in the last 3 months (I checked often).

The modem says that it is connected at 6Mbps, and the line does not show any drops, so I assume the bottleneck is probably an oversubscribed connection to the backbone. Maybe I should just go back to Speakeasy and hope that they've fixed the line...

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Anonymous said...

Download Speed: 15019 kbps (1877.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1569 kbps (196.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

but that is over WiFi ( G ) on my MAC