Monday, June 22, 2009

We're going to be proud of our OS again!

This is Win7 running on a VM with Visual Studio and an instance of SQL server. The CPU spikes are compiles. Notice 0% CPU and only 1.32GB of RAM.


sbfdjwbf said...

Is this the publicly available RC version or something newer?

This may be not a fair comparison, but with the RC version right after booting Process Explorer displays a commit charge of slightly less than 700mb (on a 1024mb ca. 2GHz computer). On the same machine with windows xp it's slightly less than 300mb. Maybe that's a good thing because it uses RAM more efficiently, but i don't really see what works faster/better in Windows 7 yet.

I'm not against Windows Versions > XP/2003 Server, with 2008 Server come big advantages imo (TS improvements and Group Policy Preferences), but on the client side i see mostly the need for 'more' hardware to get the same stuff done.

But wifi on Windows 7 RC works much better for me than on XP - don't remember the exact numbers but approx. XP throughput * 3 with the same hardware, driver and settings :-)

Sergey Solyanik said...

This is publically available RC version.

My "test" is a bit unfair in that it is a VM - so there is nothing (or next to nothing) allocated to the video driver.

Yes, you're right, I was comparing to Vista, this still does not come close to XP.

What you get with Win7 as far as useful features go (I don't consider the Macintosh-y UI one of them) is a much nicer disk subsystem (you get built-in shadow copies, image-based backup, and finally useful - and published - API to build disk arrays), and better power envelope. You also get ability to play DVDs without installing anything, IIS 7, support for newer hardware out of the box, and sub-20-minutes install time.

What is still worse (much worse) than Windows XP is the Media Center shell - it has the same problem that Vista does with playing DVDs from hard drive/network share.

DzembuGaijin said...

A nice SP to Vista this Win 7 may be :-) Force is strong with this one :-)

Now ... think about all kind of "dung" that a typical Windows user ( not you :-)) will immediately accumulate using a "bargain PC" pre-infested with junkware even before a real "infection" strike...

Do you think Win7 will come with any remediation for this old and painful issue?

Unknown said...

"Only" 1.36 GB?