Friday, January 28, 2011

The most important health question that is asked first every time I visit a doctor:

"Do you still have Premera?"

For non-US readers: Premera Blue Cross is a health insurance provider.


Igor Dvorkin said...

My "the wonders of American health care" story -- I went to a doctor who wanted to perform a CT scan of my sinuses. He wasn't able to as my insurance wouldn't cover a sinus CT until other cheaper procedures were completed. I was a little surprised my insurance wouldn't cover something so useful, but then the doctor told me the following:

"It's really too bad insurance won't cover it, my office bought the CT machine a few months ago and it's super convenient for you"

vadik said...

"Почему русский не ходит к врачу? Потому что у русского две беды — хуйня и пиздец. Хуйня сама пройдет, а пиздец не лечится совсем."