Friday, September 3, 2010

Governor of Arizona

...and here's the explanation of this phenomenon from Reddit...


BadTux said...

As a former Arizonan who also is a former Louisianian, I can attest that the only state in the union whose politics are more fscked up than Louisiana's is Arizona. Over half their governors over the past 30 years haven't even lasted out their last term of office... they've either had to resign due to being convicted, been impeached, or been appointed to something outside of that dreary desert of stupidity and eagerly accepted that appointment in order to, well, leave Arizona.

It's a shame, really, because Arizona is a beautiful state. Unlike its reputation, it's *not* just a bunch of lifeless sand. Oh, there's some sand here and there, but the Sonoran desert is surprisingly lush for a desert due to the annual monsoon that blows in from the Gulf of California from roughly mid-June to mid-September and the mountain ranges and hills that punctuate its northern border are beautiful red rocks and stunning vistas, and once you get above the Mongollon Rim you're in forests and beautiful mountains. The fact that so much of the state is owned by the BLM, USFS, or NPS means there's a lifetime of hiking and exploring to do. But to take advantage of all this, you have to live in Arizona. Bummer.

nathan3700 said...

Cut her some slack. Haven't you ever had a brain fart? I would never survive in public where people are just looking for your gaffes. I have at least two a day. Age doesn't help any.

But I'm sure you have no sympathy for me. I was born in AZ.