Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama's birth certificate - a Kenyan angle!

FROM: Mr. James Thambo,
TO: Orly Taitz, Esq (


Dear Mrs. Orly Taitz:

I am Mr. James Thambo, a Barrister to US President Barrak Hussein Obama's great great uncle Matimor Thambo Hussein. He has died 3 days ago after being sick with Cancer, and now I am in Charge for Executing his In-heritance. Before he died he gave me a Birth Certificate for US President Barrak Hussein Obama issued By Kenian Republic in 1961 that Proves that Barrak Hussein Obama is not a US Citizen. It is Numbered 47O44 and Executed with All Appropriate Authority. I will give you the name of my bank where said Certificate is stored and other important information if I receive a positive reply from you.

I want you to be my partner, to secretly transfer the Certificate of Birth to the United States where it would be Sold on ebay. My business Partners here has estimated the Auction Value for the US President Barrak Hussein Obama's Birth Certificate to be $100,000,000 (U. S. Dollars!). I cannot Sell it myself Because I am a Barrister to the late US President Barrak Hussein Obama's great great uncle Matimor Thambo Hussein and they would suspect me if I sell it myself. All you would have to do is place this Item for bid on Ebay, and receive the money into your account.

Your share will be 30% which is $30,000,000 (U. S. Dollars!). My own share will be 69%, which is $69,000,000. We shall keep 1% which is $1,000,000 for expenses. Reach me immediately by mail so that I can give you further details. Also provide me your direct tel/fax to reach you, and your bank account number, and your credit card so I can Certify the Authenticity.

Thank you and God Bless,

Mr. James Thambo.



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