Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The mother of all bull...

"Google Drops A Nuclear Bomb On Microsoft. And It’s Made of Chrome."

The idiots in the press are at it again, cooking a sensation by blowing up an interesting tidbit of information way out of proportion.

Let me point out two obvious facts.

(1) The entire consumer market is rather small as a share of Microsoft revenue (10%?). The netbooks most likely represent less than 1% of the company's revenue stream. You cannot possibly call a "nuclear bomb" something that targets so little money.

(2) The smart phone market will always be much bigger than a netbook market. So if the "nuclear bomb" metaphor made any sense, Apple has dropped it years ago with iPhone.

Here's another stupid quote of the day:

'"One of Google's major goals is to take Microsoft out, to systematically destroy their hold on the market," said Mr Enderle.

"Google wants to eliminate Microsoft and it's a unique battle. The strategy is good. The big question is, will it work?"'

When I was at Google, the last thing people there were thinking about was Microsoft. I maybe have heard Microsoft mentioned a grand total of 10 times in my year plus there. What Googlers do care about is building cool things that attract attention and make customers come to their sites. THAT strategy clearly works. Destroying Microsoft - not so much (Netscape tried that approach).

My own take on this - thank you, Google! Windows 8/IE 9 will be better for your efforts. It often takes a competitor to persuade us that a segment of a market is important (unfortunate, but true). With this announcement Google did just that.


NS said...

In the phrase "idiots in the press", the first three words are not necessary.

The part I always marvel at is the obligatory Enderle quote. That guy *is* an effing idiot, he proves to be clueless every time he opens his mouth, and yet he gets quoted again and again and again..

Unknown said...

But the guy is quoted by BBC, who can a poor gal trust? Bloggers?

Unknown said...

In Brazil, a big newspaper company said "Google will do their own Windows". Fxxking stupid jornalists that just want a little attention.

DzembuGaijin said...

Yes, press blows it out of proportion...

But, read between lines :-)

I think Linux kernel, that is very mature by now, toped with media libraries and fast HTML 5 browser, spiced with Adobe magic and "off - line" support on a nice and cheap H/W will make a great product.

Who would resist a "Cranch Pan" like device ( oversized iPhone), that has instant ON/OFF and cost say 300$ ?

It will be your "Window" to the Web: place a lot of people spend a lot of time. Even More eye balls for Google :-)

Sergey Solyanik said...

> Who would resist a "Cranch Pan" like device ( oversized iPhone), that has instant ON/OFF and cost say 300$?

I would - you can buy $300 netbok today with normal Windows which is not limited to online-only and special applications that OS/hw vendor has happened to "bless".

DzembuGaijin said...

First of all... there is no CranchPad device on the market. I bet you can install Windows on it if you like, after all this is just a PC: standard components.

Having a nice form factor device in the kitchen or on dinner table is cool, same as Kindel or eBook.

Now, if you get "normal Windows" you probably will not use IE :-) it does not cut mustard to competition today. That bring us back to the point...

If you gonna use this device to browse a Web, why you do not like the idea of instant boot to the Best Web Browser there are?

I think it is cool.