Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes... Yes! Yes!!!

We should reflect on how broken our system of government is when more and more people start saying - please, take our money!

And this is what Warren Buffett had to say about this a bit earlier.

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BadTux said...

Every year I pay in taxes a larger sum of money than my parents made in any year of their lives, even if you adjusted for inflation. And I'm happy to do so. Taking 1/3rd of the ridiculous salary that I'm paid for being good at what I do doesn't give me a disincentive to work. I'm doing what I'm doing because I like it and am good at it, I wouldn't do it if I weren't being paid at all but whether it's $100K or $500K, it's still way more money than I need to live on so (shrug).

I feel sorry for those people who think the only reason to go to work in the morning is because of how much money you're going to make. They must live dull and unrewarding lives.