Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I cannot believe my tax dollars are paying for this...


Palestinian Village Faces Army Reign of Terror


The window through which Salam Amira, 16, filmed the moment when an Israeli soldier shot from close range a handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainee has a large hole at its centre with cracks running in every direction.

“Since my video was shown, the soldiers shoot at our house all the time,” she said. The shattered and cracked windows at the front of the building confirm her story. “When we leave the windows open, they fire tear gas inside too.”



Omid Q. Rose said...

I watched that video. That was wild, lowbrow and shameful. I could easily believe if I heard they were so proud of shooting him...

Nick said...

I think saying that your tax-money
are going for this is a gross exaggeration.
What about abu-grheib prison?
Or supporting the Egyptian "democracy"?
You have plenty of guys in your campus who were there - at west bank, lebanon, gaza. Guys from the both sides
Talk to them, ask them.
And don't read the soviet press, as prof. Preobrazhensky once said.

alexandroid said...

I do not get it — it says about Israeli soldier, not US, right?

Хотя, конечно, наверняка можно придраться к тому, на что уходят налоги в США. Но чем это отличается от других стран?

"Иран открыл новое крупное местонахождение нефти. Такой бесстыдной провокации миролюбивые США не смогли вынести." =)

διαγωνισμοι said...

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